Here at Wedding Movies, we understand that it can get a little bit confusing when it comes to planning your Wedding. With all the information out there, it's hard to keep up! 
We've taken the initiative to create a page of frequently asked questions, to save you the time and give you some peace of mind.

If you have any other questions, our team is only a phone call or email away!

What do all your different types of edits mean?


A highlights edit is exactly what it sounds like! We aim to summarise the highlights of your day in a 7-10 minute film. This includes the best of the best footage of you and your special day. We would love to be able to select the music for this, for you, because we believe that our editors have a gift of picking just the right songs for you! 

A formalities edit will encompass all the formalities section of your day. This would include things such as your ceremony, reception entrance, cake cutting, first dance, speeches, traditional elements and dances. This is played in real time with live audio. You do not need to select music for this edit, as we use all the live audio from your day!


The documentary is a “beginning to end” video of your day! We include all the formalities and just that little bit more from the start and finish of your day. This can be as long as 3 hours of as short as 1 hour, depending on how your special day runs. You get to select the music for this edit and we’re able to mix in the live audio for your day too.


Our movie edit is the ultimate experience with a full length edit of your day. To give it that extra cinematic touch, we also add some colour grading to tie every scene in together. You’ll love sitting down with your family and friends, reliving your special day in a creative way!

What are your package prices?

Here at Wedding Movies, we understand how important planning for your budget can be when it comes to your special day. So we don't like to fluff around, and we've listed all our prices on our packages page, to make sure that we give you an accurate representation of what we can do for you!

How long does it take for us to receive our final edit?

You will receive your web teaser within days of your wedding and your final deliverables should be ready between 1-3 months depending on your unique day. We also offer the option of having your deliverables made for you "express". 

Where are you located?

We are currently located in Bayswater. However, we have plans to move to an office in Port Melbourne, address TBC in 2019.

Is there a way of getting the RAW footage of our special day?

Yes! You certainly can. The RAW footage is included in the "Heart & Essence" package, and can be added to any one of our packages for a add on cost of $250.

If we are unable to meet you in person, what do we do?

We are able to hold meetings over Skype, Facetime or over the phone. However, our first preference will always be to see you in person!