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Eleanor & Glen - 06.04.2019

“I promise to always make you laugh or at least try to, and most importantly I promise to always love you unconditionally”

From their first date consisting of building pillow fortes, Eleanor & Glen believe they “just knew”

There’s a beautiful playfulness about this couple, Eleanor & Glen bring a warm & fuzzy feeling to the Wedding Movies team. We can’t help but smile & laugh every time we watch this teaser.

We treasure our weddings, there was something so special about capturing Eleanor & Glens quirky moments. From an EPIC cake knife reveal to locking eyes down the alter, All of our couples are so beautifully unique

Our wedding pro tip of the day: Your wedding day will be one of the best days of your life. We understand it can be stressful at times but remember to let go & have FUN.

With love,

The Wedding Movies Team.

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