Wedding Dresses That Look Glamorous on Video

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Your wedding gown is one of the first things guests will notice on your big day, so it’s important that it reflects you and your style. Whether you’re a fashion-forward bride or traditional, there are many different styles to choose from which are unique to every bride. We’re sharing our top 6 wedding gowns that look glamorous on video.

1. Straight Necklines
Straight necklines are a classic choice for wedding dresses, and they have the bonus of being easy to style in a variety of ways. For example, when you’re stepping out into the spotlight for your ceremony, you can opt for a strapless dress that draws the eye upward towards your face and keeps your skin looking fresh and healthy–but still glamorous. Necklines that hit just below the ear or at collarbone level on women with long hair tend to flatter their faces, while those that sit right on top of the collarbone work best if you have shorter hair. The key with these is choosing a front-and-center style that emphasizes a necklace or other accessories instead of relying solely on color or fabric pattern.

2. Ball Gowns
If you love a dress with drama and elegance, then ball gowns are for you. These dresses feature lots of ruffles and embellishments, making them extra fun to wear. They also have long sleeves, which are perfect for keeping your arms warm when you’re outside at a wedding reception in the middle of winter. And they have a beautiful train that will make it look like you’re floating across the floor as you walk up the aisle. In short, ball gown wedding dresses are awesome!

3. High Slits
Who says high slits are only for cocktail parties? High-slit wedding gowns are designed to make you stand out. The design allows for more movement and the slit gives a bit more leg exposure, showing off the shoes you spent so much time finding. Count on our wedding gowns to look great on camera and on the dance floor.

4. Mock Necks
Mock Necks wedding gowns perfectly balance modern materials, clean lines, and traditional design. This elegant and sexy wedding dress style is perfect for the confident bride who wants the attention to be on her diamond ring and not her gown hemline. Mock Necks wedding gowns are made with a special fabric that keeps your face in focus, even in video.

5. Open Backs
The open back is a signature style with a lot of fans. But why? With this gown, it’s all about how gracefully the back is cut away, closely hugging the body while still flowing beautifully. The effect takes little effort to achieve and can make an entrance look even more elegant than any traditional ballgown. The open back is a little glimpse of sexy, without going full-on. The way the light hits the curves of your shoulders and arms on film is like a little glittery gift for the eyes that gives all eyes there’s something to focus on, but also makes you all mysterious.

6. Asymmetrical Necklines
Because of their unique shape, asymmetrical necklines manage to look both vintage and modern at the same time. Swoon over silhouettes that will look great on your wedding day, and even better in photos! Asymmetrical necklines can be dramatic and beautiful, and still, exposing plenty of skin to show off your sparkly jewels.

Every bride wants to look their best on their wedding day and the right videographers showcase exactly that. Wedding dresses come in many different styles and shapes. Hopefully, we helped you in narrowing your choices in the type of gown to wear on your wedding day. Remember though that the most important factor is how you will feel wearing it!